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I love Fight List!

This game is amazing. I love all the unique categories and it reminds me of the board game Scattergories. I think it’s cool that you have different point scores depending on how rare the answer is.

Can’t even play, buggy

I can’t even play it. Every other list it will just auto open the App Store and try to get me to download some random app. The game freezes, and then your time is up and round over. Waste of time.


Great game, lots of ads but worth it. Really enjoyable and well made. Play with your Facebook friends and have a ball!

Mad person



I can barely stand to play the game because of the ads. Is an ad in between EVERY game really needed? No, it's just annoying.

I bought no ads and still plays ads

I purchased the ad free option as it was a game ruiner and the ads continue. Don’t buy this.

why does it pause my music every time i get on the application ?

this game is fun and all but everytime i get on the app my music shuts off.

Terrible game

The ads for this game make it seem fun. Like guess Disney characters and such. You can’t pick a category you want to play so you are forced to compete against players in categories you know nothing about or are subjective like fill in the blank to a sentence. And it’s an ad after every turn. I literally had this game for about 30 seconds before deleting....


Make the questions a little easier because I am only eleven you do that and this app will be awesome lol and I also love this app because it gives you a lot of freedom to guess what you would like and be able to do what you would like on that app as long as it involves guessing and playignwith frienda lol


I LOOOOVE THIS GAME but the ads, always stops my songs and then i can’t play while i listen to my songs. why???

Advertisements need to be fixed

I am fine with advertisements. But the ones in this game keep interrupting matches. Ive lose many rounds just because the app keeps prompting me to the app store. Advertisements should not be allowed mid game, developers.

Not good

You should be able to play by yourself and not with an opponent


I love the game but an ad a minute is ridiculous. Yes I know I can buy no ads but no other game has this many ads. They must make a ton from their advertisers.

FUN, but..

It’s fun but there’s WAY too many ads...


very fun

Fight list

I like the game but sometimes the screen goes dark and when I get the game back my turn has ended I don’t like that. But otherwise it’s fun to play!

Sent weird ads to my phone

Fun game to play but it kept sending my phone weird ads. Even sent me a porn video once. Deleted after that.

It could be better...

I love this game and I play it all the time, but every so often the app will open up web pages or other apps in the middle of a round. This happened during the last round I played and I tried to go back while it was still happening, but it just kept opening new things. I ended up having to close the app which ended the round I was on and made me lose all of the points I had had. I would rate it five stars if that problem was fixed.

Way too many ads

I don’t mind some ads, but when there are so many so often that it screws up that game, it becomes a problem. $2.99 to get rid of them all is absurd. Game is fun but barely playable because of all the stupid ads.

Ads + weird answers

It’s addicting and can be fun. But there are way too many ads. And some of the acceptable answers aren’t very well thought out (guanciale doesn’t count as a spaghetti carbonara ingredient, but tomato and mushroom does?! Whoever came up with these answers needs some culture in their life)


My cousin told me to get this app. I was a little skeptical I thought I would delete it later. BUT now my and my mom are addicted and I can’t get enough. The questions are very good and interesting. Some where a little wired but that’s ok. Over all I LOVE THIS APP

Fun and addictive

This game is really fun and addictive. I really enjoy playing it, however, I have a problem with the adds and the crashing. After every round, I see an add and it’s pretty annoying. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of a round, my game crashes and I lose all of my answers and lose the round


awesome game

Don’t force me to the app store to write a review.

Forced to write a review. No option to return to game but was re-directed to this page. Lost a good review.

app keeps crashing.

every time i start inputting answers, within 10 seconds the whole app crashes & loses all my answers as if i had none. & once i open the app again, my turn is over.


Fun game. Would be a lot more fun if it wasn’t so glitchy.


The amount of ads is disgusting.

Fix this please.

This game is so frustrating. Right in the middle of a TIMED round, you’ll get a pop up ad that you can’t clear. It makes you lose. It’s fun but this happens far too often.

Too many ads

If you was to put an ad every 3 to 4 rounds maybe I’ll consider recommending this game to my friends and family but an ad every round it’s very disappointing. Like please something be done about this it’s not really helping and sometimes in the middle of a round while typing my answer I get escorted to download an app and it messes up my round by a lot. I think if there were fewer ads people will actually keep the game rather than delete it. Do you guys even read these?

Great Game with Small Flaw

I would like to point out that I love love love this game! I play it daily and have found I am actually pretty good at it. The only issue I have, resulting in the four stars, is that the score tracker is glitched. I have 15 wins on my personal account, and one day it said I have 9, then 5, then 4, then 10. It’s always changing and always annoying to keep up with. If tracking your score is not a big issue for you then you should be fine. Have fun!

Nice game

This is a great game but theres adds litterly after every match. Being an American in 2018, this can get really annoying. Also, whenever your in the middle of a round and u close outta it, it will erase your progress for the match. Also, ypu have to type fast. In realty without the tratiotonal American complaints, its a great game and its really fun

Fun and easy to use

This app is absolutely addicting, and simple to use. It’s extremely fun and is my go-to app when i’m feeling bored. I 100% recommend this app to anyone


Too many ads, when you exit a game you automatically end it, and it will make you exit a game to watch an ad. Titles are deceiving and odd, for example one category was “The 6 original Disney Princesses” and I entered 6 that I remembered, after the round it told me there where over 10 other ones.

Game issues

Keeps on exiting out of the game and I can’t type because it keeps going back to the App Store.




Great way to have fun with friends and brag about your knowledge!


Bad game don’t get

Worth your time!

Super fun, I thought it was going to be a scam game like one of those make you buy everything to move forward games.. I was WRONG. This game is extremely fun and totally great for competitive game junkies. So fun . 5 stars!


The game keeps erasing everything!! I keep losing all the coins I have won and the games I’m in. It’s pretty annoying! And I paid for the game. Not happy.

Pretty good

I love this game, but it is absolutely covered in ads. If you go out of a game you have a 95 or so percent of getting an ad.

App Store randomly opens

It’s a fun game but while you’re trying to submit answers, the App Store randomly starts taking over. I close the app but it keeps forcing the App Store to open until my turn is over which ruins the game.


No more ads 😡😡😡😡😡😡

Excessive ads pop up

This would be an awesome game but too many ads don’t let you play comfortably. You spend more time watching ads that actually playing. Do not recomendable


I love this app and it’s so fun but I hate how there are ads everytime I play or anything. It’s really really annoying and makes me angry

Love the game, hate the ads

Would want to play so much more if I could buy an ad free version.


I’ve had this game for a hour and its so funny and addicting

Love it


Amazing but.......

I love this game but when I was playing against someone it was coming up as Spanish so I wrote I don't speak Spanish and she messaged me and wrote the (F) word and said "I don't speak Spanish" and I'm only 11 and hate when people do that.


This game is really fun! Saw an ad for it on instagram and I’ve been playing it ever since. Passes the time!

Great app to many ads

Good app to many ads just cut down ads to 1/3 the amount and it’s a 5 star game

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