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I love playing this game lots of fun. Only thing I don’t like is there is not enough categories, you get the same topics all the time. Please add more themes more list thank you!



Needs wrong answer report ability

It’s a fun game, but I hate that you can’t report wrong answers. I’m getting very frustrated and may have to stop playing.


The game is good but too many adds you will be annoyed and end up deleting the app.

Too many adds

Fun game, but way too overloaded with adds. Some adds will pop up when you’re in the middle of a trivia round which will cause you to lose the round.


Its good but too many advises

Pretty fun game

Too many ads.

Too many ads

I really like this game. It’s easy to get addicted. I hate that there are so many ads. I paid for the premium to remove ads and I still had ads


Good questions and good layout. But there is no way to turn the volume down without turning the sound completely off.


This game is so much fun! I like it because you can play against your friends and test your brain skills. It’s fun because you don’t realize how much stuff you know until you get these crazy questions that you’ve never thought about yourself!


Keeps you on your toes. I love it.


I really enjoy this game it requires you to use your brain and I like challenges

They need to dial it down

This game is so much fun! But only one thing is wrong about it. There’s so many ads.😒 every time I finish around there’s an ad. And the rounds go by every like 30 seconds. And I play it A lot. Can they at least dial the ads down a bit. That’s why I gave it a four out of five.

Super fun

Very addicting and there’s nothing like lives so you can’t keep playing and I absolutely love it




The game is improving. The one thing I don't like is the chat feature. Some creep named Jerry is harassing me. There should be a block feature. Other than that, it is worth paying $2.99 to get rid of those pesky ads. Add the ability to block sore losers and remove the chat altogether and the experience will be better.


I just downloaded this game and I’m already addicted. I love how competitive it is and that you can play with both friends and random people. This opportunity guarantees constant gameplay. I like the variety of topics that appear, however some of them are difficult assuming that you would know that topic, such as tooth names. The game does a good job at presenting ads in a way that does not overwhelm the user. Over all a great game :)

Wayyy too many ads :(

Please cut down on the ads. It’s making some of my friends delete the game because it’s so annoying. Instead of having ads after every single time you play, you could have an ad every five rounds. This is a really fun game and it’s a shame that there are so many ads that it’s practically unplayable. I’ll change my review to five stars if you just stop showing so many ads!!!

Ads pop up in middle of a game!

My kids wanted me to get this game to play with them. It's fine... Except ads will come on in the middle of a game! And being a timed game, it pretty much ruins your turn.


Fun game to play with your friends!

Crashes & Ads

I love the app and the concept of it! But occasionally the app will randomly crash in the middle of a round and when I rush to reopen it, I’m automatically given a score of 0 for the round. This happens even when my internet connection is good. Also there are so many ads! I would be willing to get rid of them for $0.99. But anything more than that is asking for too much in my opinion. But, other than that, great game!

ads are unbearable, deleted the app.

in the middle of a match, i got a thirty second ad. this caused me to lose the match because there was no way i could play and the timer was still going. this kept happening to me as well as multiple others annoying things. some of the questions didn’t even make sense.

Overall good game

I really enjoy the family feud elements this game provides, the subjects are interesting and varied and overall it’s an enjoyable experience. However my only issue is the lack of punishment for those that don’t complete matches, since I started playing a few days ago around 60% of the people I started a match with have not continued the match after being behind in score. I feel as if there needs to be a way to push people to actually complete a game, or allow them to forfeit. Or even for me to remove these dead games off of the list. I get people don’t have all the time in the world to respond, but I feel as if I shouldn’t have multiday old games that are incomplete being shown.

The ADS!

The ads are extremely unbearable. That’s how the game makes it money because they charge you $2.99 to remove ads. Apart from the ads, the trivia is exciting and keeps you always thinking ahead. Love it!

Fun Game

Fun to pass the time

Few improvement suggestions

Love this game. It’s super fun. The only thing that I don’t care for is that if someone else changes language it changes the language in your game too! Like sorry I don’t speak German.. so I end up losing that round because I don’t understand the question. There should be a way to put the same question in a set language. Also some of the answers are way out there


The game is fun enough and makes you think. However, the ads are INCESSANT. The last ad was so horrifying and scary that I jumped and deleted the app. Jump scare pop up adds are NOT okay. Neither were the previous ads with multiple layers to click through, but that wasn’t a deal breaker like the jump scare.

Totally worth it

This game is so easy to get addicted to and you find yourself playing all the time. I love be fact that you can just add unlimited games with random opponents and play until you get tired. It’s easy to get a group involved with you and is more fun when you ask the people around you to join in. Perfect pass time


I enjoyed the game it’s a stress reliever.

Good but to many Ads

There are so many ads. First off after you play a round there’s an ad, and it does this every single time.😫

Too many ads

Like the game. However, wayyyy too many ads!!!! It ruins it for me.

good but too much advertisements

with every match comes an advertisement! it makes me want to delete the game!

Inaccurate Answers are accepted too often

Overall I do enjoy this game. I’ve played over 50 matches, and I would say I know the game well. It can be quite fun if the game is a close back and forth. However, one problem repeats itself again and again. That problem: inaccurate answers are deemed correct. So I’ll explain what I mean by inaccurate answers. Sometimes on one category let’s say “Island Countries” it will accept Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Guam as acceptable answers. These aren’t even countries, but are instead a US state and two US territories. Another example is there was a category called “Names for Different Bodies of Water” and dam was an acceptable answer. A dam isn’t a body of water! It blocks the flow of water but it isn’t a body of water itself. There is also another inconsistency I noticed in the answers. In one category which was something like “Food You Put in Cereal” there were two similar answers that awarded different points. The singular “Nut” was awarded 2 points while “Nuts” was awarded 3. Why is there a difference between the answers? Mistakes like these show me that the developers care more about making you watch ads and buy tokens than having accurate answers or making two answers the same since they only differ on the plurality of the object.

So much fun

Very fun and challenging

Can’t submit my own category

Like the game but when I try to create a category I am not able to submit — the button to submit is visible for a second before the keyboard comes up and there is no way to hide the keyboard so that i can submit the list. Very annoying.

App is fun but...

Why does an ad keep opening while I’m playing a round? I defiantly did not touch it to open it. So annoying

Great Game

Lots of fun. Makes you think. Wish the ads between games were shorter.

review on fight list 🤠

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G so fun to play when your bored , gets your knowledge level up and it’s super fun to play 🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

Good. Could be better

So I definitely love this game, the premise is really fun! It can be improved upon in some areas. Like being able to delete past games & forfeit/delete games that a player hasn't played in weeks would be nice. I personally think some of the answers allowed are nonsensical, but it's also offset with the nice leeway of autocorrecting your answers, & filling in the blanks on some answers, that's a necessary handicap that I love.

Addictive and...[advertisement]...annoy...[advertisement]...”adnoying!”

This game can be...[advertisement]...addictive and...[advertisement], but you have to......[advertisement] have to...[advertisement] through so...[advertisement][advertisement]...many...[advertisement][advertisement]...ver...[advertisement]...rise...[advertisement]...ments.


Just got it and can’t put it down. Unlike others, you can actually have continuous play without having to earn things. There are a lot of ads but hey- it’s free.

Paid and still getting ads

Really liked the game but the ads started to get i decided to spend 2.99 to get premium and guess what still getting ads! Don’t waste your money!!

Why so many ads!!

Other than that it's fun


TOO MANY ANNOYING ADS!!!!!! The game itself is so fun and educational but the ads are annoying after each round. Also the game freezes and sometimes you lose your turn.

Addicted to this game

I love to play this game whenever I have a few moments to spare. It’s not just some game where you mindlessly hit shapes to make them disappear. You can actually use your memory and creativity to guess which words might be accepted. I can’t stop playing.

Love it but it could benefit from improvements

Love the game, but there is repeated issues with syncing. It would also be nice if the game had an option to play through the lists without competing against someone.

To many ads

There is one problem TO MANY ADS

Love it

I love this game so much it keeps me entertained I love love love it!!!

Very addictive. GET THIS GAME

This game is trust worthy and fair. I am a big fan because of the trivia period. You think you know a lot, not anymore. The people you play you most likely won’t know but it is very trust worthy and secure. To be honest I don’t even know what to say but if you get this game you will know what I mean. I promise!! Hopefully you get it and have fun. Oh one more thing. People might say there are too many ads... there really not..(those people are just negative) just wait till the ad is over or wait till the x shows up. If your gonna be a baby about ads don’t get the app.

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