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I wish I could give it more

I love the game itself. It is great! Tons of fun. Good mechanics etc. but... If you play on an iPhone the keyboard doesn’t go down for you to submit a list or a suggestion. It’s annoying because I really want to submit some lists!! Also. The sheer AMOUNT of ads is a bit overkill. I don’t mind ads. But it’s literally after every time you play. If you are playing a lot. That’s almost an ad every 30/60 seconds.. and many of the apps are at least 15 seconds long and trick you into clicking on them. It’s after EVERY match. I wish they’d tone it down a notch. I’ve had ads pop up while I was on the timer as well. Which did nothing but tick me off and hate the ad owner because it ran out my timer... Other than that. It’s great!


They put ads after every game. Even if you click the X, it still opens them. Smdh.

Great game, terrible glitches

Even after the update, I am CONSTANTLY losing my coins and stars without using them, sometimes mid-game. My favorite thing is when I get an ad during the game, while the timer is still ticking down.


The reason why it gets 4 stars is because of the ads, other than that its a really fun game.


Too many ads that are like 30 seconds long

Fun but not always fair

This game could potentially be really fun, but I constantly get frustrated with the list of acceptable answers. Sometimes it counts answers correct that are Not valid and other times it doesn’t count answers that Are valid. For instance, one list said “Largest US Cities” so of course I typed as many major cities as i could think of, but when it revealed the responses of my opponent they had typed actual state names and got them correct. State names should not have been counted as cities. Another instance of unfairness is on the list “Rooms in Clue” I typed the names of several rooms in Clue that I know for certain are correct, but the game counted them as incorrect. My opponent typed rooms I had never seen in Clue and got them correct. I guess there are different versions of Clue, but the game should count rooms from any version of Clue as correct. Again, the game itself is a lot of fun, but the lists should be fixed because they aren’t always accurate.

Love texting

Love texting

real fun game

this is a really fun game but i would suggest leaving out categories involving emojis because there seems to be a glitch. the emoji i press is not the one that shows up and if i repeatedly press the same emoji over and over, it inputs other emojis. it helps me win the round by repeatedly pressing on one to get all of the answers but it’s annoying cuz that’s not how the games supposed to be played

Fight List

This game is awesome! Whoever created this, I have to give credit to! I can challenge my family members and even one of you guys out there! So make sure you download this game and have some fun!

Good times!

It’s good health family fun. Bring on the family rivalry.

Too many ads

Fun to play, but has way too many ads too often.


This game is amazing...but it kills your battery in like 10 mins :( It’s super addicting but kills your battery:(

F yea

I punch people when playing this game

Ads... Grrrrr....

I love this game, but one of the stupid bleeping advertisements they have has an x that is SO SMALL I can’t press it with my own finger. And boy, I have freaking tried. To get rid of the ad, I have to go out of the app and restart the game. Ive never had an issue with advertisements until this one and it’s really getting to me in the worst way.

Great challenge

I like this game very much. The categories are very diverse and it’s challenging. It wakes up my brain ! Sometimes it gets stuck so I couldn’t give it a 5 but hopefully they are working on tweaking that.

Will likely be deleting

I liked this game at first however the ads are outrageously in your face and it’s really starting to wear on me. Anytime you finish doing *anything* you have to sit through anyone one and I’m not even exaggerating on that....sometimes they will even interrupt your game. Just all in all a bad decision. Nobody wants a reminder of the time they are already wasting on a game with sitting through multiple ads. (I certainly dont)

Incorrect Answers

Game is great... but someone needs to fact check the answers.

Great game

It gets me thinking!!

Watch Data Usage!!!

Fun game, but it will consume huge quantities of data! Been playing for a couple of weeks, and it has used over 1GB of data!! It's probably the insane amount of video ads that you are forced to watch after EVERY ROUND. Fix this!!!!


This game is awesome but oh lord there are so many ads.

way too many ads

there are constant pop up ads before and after everything, all of them 30 second video ads and not even all skippable. this is IN ADDITION to multiple image and link ads in other parts of the game. video ads are one thing if you agree to watch them for some sort of reward or hint, but stuffing them down players throats like this is a horrible experience! i generally really like the actual game play, but i am only allowed to spend a third of my time in the app actually playing the game. the rest is all sitting through video ads i didn’t consent to watching (one of which was an ad for a surgery game showing incisions and blood, so yuck!) and wasting data on these unstoppable ads. i assume you can pay money to make them disappear but i’m not interested in sticking around. i get that ads are important for revenue and keeping games free, but they should be unintrusive and supportive rather than a way to force players into paying up just to be able to play the game.

Love It

I definitely give this game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I love it so much and I’m definitely getting smarter and using my brain more.

Fix Bugs

Great game being ruined by too much glitching and freezing and sometimes won’t let you type or score.


There are so many ads on this game that it is barely playable.

Nicole’s Parental Review

I think this game is a perfect thing to do alone and with others. My 12 year old and I love to do it together. It’s a great game to get your mind working fast and challenge the “traditional” answers...

Ty this out it’s AMAZINNG

I have been playing this game for so long i don’t know how long it has been it is a amazing app if you are reading this before you buy it it’s free it’s good it’s what you needs it’s what people need to like kinda learn and use there brain more and I think this is the best game to do that type of things if you know how to think fats you might be the right thing for this app and might make it better then it already is!!! So please try out this app it’s a 5 star and you might think that too and for a fact if you put 5 stars you won’t regret anything you jut put so please get this game it’s amazing and the best game I could ask for for this phone I have right now that I’m using to write this it’s amazing for the 100th time just please get it for the 500th time we all need this game!!! Love the creators hope you make more updates please!! 💓💝❤️💜🧡🖤💛💚💙 thank you for making this game it takes up most of my time and I love that thank you now I can focus and become better at these type of things thank you for the last time 🙏 💓💓 byeeee

Like it but...

Developer, your stats are f***ed up. 2nd place overall has apparently won 90000 games and third place only has one win. Go take a stats class. This should not be too hard to fix.

Awesome Game!

This is such a fun game! I'm addicted!!


I’ve seen ads for this game, but I never tried it until now. Wow! I wish I would have tried it sooner! It’s super fun! The only thing that’s a little annoying is getting a theme you’ve had before, but otherwise, it’s really fun!! There’s no limit on games either as far as I know, and I keep starting new ones because I can’t get enough!

Great app but overheats

The app is fun but why is it causing my phone to overheat

Love it!

I love this game but right in the middle of a nice list, in the middle of a good word an ad popped up and the clock continued to tick away. My next move, delete the game. Bye!!

Fun game but...

This is a really fun game, except it is a bit inappropriate. I think that this game should be 17+. This game has categories like cigarette brands and I don't feel like that is right.

To many adds

There is way to many adds there’s adds after every time and some questions are impossible for kids!


I purchased the No ads (Premium) because I felt like I enjoy the game enough... yet... after purchase... I see ads before each round and AFTER each round & have to still wait for the X to pop up in order to close it. Would like to be refunded or ACTUALLY remove the ads like I was told.


I like the game very much but the application keeps closing out on me and its extremely annoying. I’m about to delete the application.

Love this game

But you have to buy it the ads are way overwhelming and way too much....that’s coming from someone who almost never pays to buy a game ad free, if I buy one a year I’m probably exaggerating. I just usually tough out the ads, but i honestly can’t put my phone down when I start with this one and go for hours...I’m super super cheap lol and will still say definitely worth it - either way at least start with the ad version. Highly highly recommended

Bug fix

I like the game but it keeps kicking me out in the middle of games

edit: crashes every time now

this game is so awesome and addicting but crashes nearly every other game, and then automatically decides you lose even if you got some answers correct before it crashed edit: i removed some apps on my phone because i thought maybe i was running low on storage, as well as deleted and re installed the game. now it crashes during every round. :(

Keeps freezing

I really love this game but I’m getting annoyed. Every time I play it, it all of a sudden exits me out without warning and it costing me games. It then deletes all of the answers I put in for the round. Please fix it.

Don’t bother

Got it, was fun at first despite the ads. Then I started using it more and it kept glitching out whenever I tried to do anything. The ads are ridiculous and it runs slowly. Don’t bother with this app.

Too many advertisements

Love the game but there are way too many advertisements

Crashes constantly

Love this game but it crashes ALL THE TIME right in the middle of a round, giving you a zero. I tried updating, killing the app, deleting and redownloading, and nothing helps. About 60% of the time it crashes while you’re playing. I tried to email the developers with no response, so I’ve deleted the app and given up. Oh well.

Fix the bugs

The first few moths I played with no issues. Now almost every other game I get bumped, when I come back it asks me to synchronize and I lose me turn ☹️

Too many ads

Loved the game but there is NONE stop TOO many advertisements. I had to delete after a full round of playing a game because I was getting too annoyed with all the pop ups. I swear I touch one thing AD exits AD touch play button AD AD AD AD AD


I like this app but it won’t stop crashing on me! I get halfway through a game and it cuts off and shuts me out and gives me 0 points. It’s frustrating FIX IT.

Fun and addictive

Really enjoy this game...I'm surprised by how much I know in some categories and how little in know in others.

Answers Accurate???

Cool concept, but I teach and a basic metric measurement is NOT an inch, foot, mile, yard, ounce... To win consistently, you need to remember the wrong answers too. Good thing it’s free or I’d want my money back. Be accurate, and you have a winner.


There are ads literally between every game and when you try to go back to the main menu page. The amount of ads on this app have riddled it almost unusable.

good but could be better

this is a pretty fun game to play when you’re bored. The only issues I have with it are that sometimes the app will freeze and you can’t answer and run out of time and loose that round. Another is that I will often get repeats of the same questions. otherwise, good game overall.


Used to be fun back then but now it's all ads.

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