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Love the game but the amount of ads is unreal. Would rather play something that didn’t have so many ads.


You have got to be kidding me. This game would be so great, IF I COULD ACTUALLY PLAY IT!!!!! I can’t even start or finish a round without an ad. And it’s not even like it’s an ad that just pops up and you click away it’s ALWAYS A VIDEO!!!! ENOUGH OKAY? Just ENOUGH!! Clearly you’re only in this for the money and not for making a game that people will enjoy. If this continues everyone with delete the app and you’ll have no more profit so I suggest fixing the problem.

Fun stuff

I love this game but the ads are ridiculous and my phone freezes up every few games. Pretty annoying. Not sure if I can commit to paying $2.99 for ad free. Fun as ever, though!

Fun game but . . .

For the most part this game is pretty fun and makes you think! But some of the links don’t work. Like if you want to resign from a game, it says to swipe left on that match. I did but it doesn’t do anything. The “help” link doesn’t work either. A message pops up saying something about emails. Plus, during the intro, should have something about the opponent (I never knew I was actually going to be up against someone if I hit the “like” button and I didn’t even get the option to pick an opponent or let it be random) I wish there was some sort of free play as well so you could practice or just play by yourself.



Too many ads!!

Don’t get me wrong I love this game, but they’re way to many ads. Every time that I finish a round there’s always another ad popping up, it has really caused me to not play the game so much. No one really has time for the ads and I think that the problem really needs to be fixed!


VERY inaccurate and flat out wrong answers. You’d think Trump’s political team provided alternative answers for this game. Ie, one category is Romance languages. Accepted answers in this category are Korean, Chinese, Indian, Irish, Japanese, Mandarin, etc. Does nobody actually check the legitimacy of answers in this game?

I would give it a five but...

OMG I love this game!!❤️❤️❤️The only thing is that I will push the rematch button and I will have to wait 10 min for it to work. There seriously needs some work on that but other than that I absolutely love this game. I is the only game I play anymore

Too bad

I loved it until it stopped letting me play. I’ve had it less than a day.

Love the Game, but there are bugs!

I honestly enjoy playing the game, but whenever I want to submit my answers, it says it can’t synchronize even though I’m on wifi. Please fix these ASAP


Love the game but it freezes up a lot and there are way to many adds and if you accidentally click on one it opens the App Store or internet. It also lags a lot it will say someone is waiting on your move when you are waiting on them. It just froze on me so I closed it out re open and nothing so I log out and log back in nothing. Deleted the app re installed it wouldn’t let me in for 15 minutes finally got in and now it won’t let me play. Not with a friend and not with a random so I don’t know what’s going on. Hopefully it gets fixed soon or will just have to find another app to play. It is a fun game tho very addicting when it actually works.

Synchronization Problems

It’s a good game, but for some reason every so often I can’t sync games and I can’t start new ones.



Just missing a couple things.

REALLY fun to play! I only wish you could start more than one game at a time with the same person.

So many adds!

Too many adds takes the fun out of playing this! There’s is q to 2 ads per round in each game!!

I love this game!

I just got this game yesterday, but it’s super addicting! I would recommend it!


So addicting! I didn't like it at first but now I'm obsessed! Only down fall is all the ads


Can't disconnect from Facebook, can't find friends, deleted all my games. Fix the bugs


I play it all of the time and it's so edicting and I fell like I'm getting smarter everyday besides school


Wayyyyyy too many ads, and they keep freezing up during the ads. The game is awesome but having to deal with the ads makes it no fun at all! Seriously the game with the most ads I’ve ever played!!


So fun to play and is very addicting!

Fun but...

I swear the people who made this live under a rock. Some answers are not valid when they should be.

Could be a good game

But the language is in Spanish even though I put United States!

Favorite Game!

I love this game! I play it ALL the time


Don't get this game if your stupid 10/10

Enough ads

Calm down with the ads! Otherwise, super fun!

Used to love it

I have horrible syncing issues and now I can’t view past games, or rematch, or see if I won. Used to be great, but now not so much.


Way way way too many ads!!! Why is there an ad after ever round??? Fun game but deleted :(


The game is fun but the chat needs work

Love and hate

Loves the game but hate the adssss

Games closes constantly

I couldn't even play a single round because the app continuously closes on its own.

Great Game

I actually really like playing this game, and I totally get That the people who made this game has to get paid ofcourse since the game is freee. BUT MY GOODNESS THE AMOUNT OF ADS THAT POP UP LITERALLY EVERY 2 MINUTES IS ABSURD. It’s so annoying after every game I have to sit through a 30 Second ad that I sometimes end up clicking by accident then having that ad start ALL OVER AGAIN, then once all of that is done I have to close THAT ad and close another page JUST TO START PLAYING ANOTHER ROUND ! & WHEN That round is done here comes YET ANOTHER AD ! Like for crying out loud I just cannot deal. I Never right app reviews but the THIS Had To Be Said. Other then that annoyance this is a fun game. But sadly I’ll be deleting this.

Never even got to play

I love trivia games but I was unable to even play once I downloaded it. It went straight back to my homepage. Would continuously close out the app.

Like it

I really enjoy this game but there are way way way too many ads. It is aggravating to have to watch an ad every time I play a round.

Too many ads

Awesome game but TOO MANY ADS... and the price for removing them is pretty high. This game will be so much better without that crazy amount of ads on it.


Really fun game fun


Love this game!

Tooooo many ads!

Truly loved this game! But I seen more ads then I got to play the game. So I’m deleting!!!!!!

Too many advertisements

This game is very fun but there are WAY too many advertisements. Can be distracting and make me stop playing.

Fight list

Fight lost is a great app and all, I've only been playing it for a short amount of time but on the time I've played t it's been great. There's only a few problems. One, TOO MANY ADS there's an ad after everything. Two, it's stealing my money. I will have 90 coins use the joker once and be left with 10 coins. 3, I think it's stupid that you have to have Facebook to sign up as anything but a guest I feel like you should be able to sign up with email or phone number.

Truly amazing and addictive

Such a great and fun game me and all my friends are totally opsessesed with it, love it!


There needs to be less ads they take up to much time.


Love playing this with family & friends...

Can’t connect to Facebook!

I just want to play with my friends :(

Love It!!!

This game is freaking awesome

Are you clever enough!?

Addicted! Challenge me!

To much ads


It’s ok

The biggest problem is the adds. I usually get a add after each battle. But the rest is fine, we’ll almost. I mean some of the topics I don’t even know and don’t have enough time to look up what it means, and the time limit is a little to short, other than that the game is fine.

Good game. Adds make It miserable

More adds than game time. Deleted it within an hour of playing. I liked playing but I hate seeing the add over and over. No thanks!

Sooo amazing

This app is soo fun I play this when I just have nothing to do or in my free time #5stars

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