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This game has so many ads and I am sick of it!!! Thanks to the STUPID ads my mom can’t play the game anymore, because IT KEEPS SHUTTING OFF AND NOT GIVING HER ANY POINTS. Thanks for ruining the game for BOTH OF US!!!!

Glitch making it unplayable

This game is so fun but it's super glitchy. Half the time the app tries to open up safari or the App Store and then freezes the game. Upon trying to reopen it, it gives me a score of zero even though I was submitting answers until it kept glitching out. Needs to be fixed badly.


I love this game so far, my only complaint is that ads pop up while I’m in the middle of playing the games. It’s a bit annoying to be honest


Fight list is a game of wits and incredibly random categories that tests your smarts against your friends. I do only have one concern is that after I update the app, it started crashing giving me zero points in categories that I can definitely pass. If this bug/crash is fixed, my rating would one hundred percent be a five star

Cool game but...

It keeps kicking me out. 😕 hopefully this new update will fix it. 🤞🏼


It was a super fun game for the first few weeks, but whatever update you did recently screwed it up. It’s super glitchy, no longer playable.

Lotta fun

Watching my kid play this and had to get it.

Fun Game, but Can't Enjoy it with the Pop-Ups

The game itself is fun, but the app continues to have pop-ups that automatically redirect you to the App Store and interfere with gameplay. It's and endless loop of ads that doesn't end, no matter how many times you return back to the game from the App Store, until finally the app crashes entirely and your answers for that round are gone.

App jumps to ads in the middle of game

Since most recent update the game keeps jumping to advertisements and offering other games in the middle of game play. Causes me to lose time. Just started happening the last 2 days

F*** the ads


The ads


Too many ads

I love this game. My biggest issue is that there are so many ads sometimes you cannot play a round. I have had ads come up in the middle of a round and if I close them out, they’ll pop up MANY more times. I don’t play this game more than once a day because I get so frustrated with all of the ads.

Great game...bad to download

This game is great but ever since I DL it I’ve had issues with my phone. Deleted it and the issues went away. Imagine that.

Too many ads!

I want to like this game. I think it could be fun. But, I spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game. I don’t know if any game I’ve played that has more advertisements.


This game is so much fun!!!! But ads can sometimes be a problem!

It used to be my favorite

Now all it does is send me to ads while I’m playing the game. It’ll open up the App Store in the middle of the game so now it’s deleted and I’ll find a new app to play. I DO NOT PRESS ON THE BANNERS WHILE I PLAY.

It’s okay...

All in all I really do enjoy playing this game. It is a neat concept, and I like to play against my friends, but something that has been happening a lot lately is it switches over to A ad and then you lose because it takes all of your answers away.


Keeps sending me to the App Store in the middle of the game and then I can’t even finish putting my answers in. I go back to the game and it continuously sends me back to the App Store. The only plus is that the game is actually fun and interesting.

Apps in middle of game

The app has been great. But lately when I’m in the middle of a game, the screen would switch to the App Store as if I clicked an ad. I would go back to the game and it would instantly go back to the App Store. I just updated the app and it’s still doing this. I end up losing the round because the time was still running.

Forced to Lose

This was an amazing past time game. The ads are quite annoying after EVERY SINGLE round. After I’ve updated every new update my games now switch to an ad outside of the game and I have to figure out how to quickly get into the game again losing several seconds if not the entire round.

Ads take over!

I love the game but here lately I can’t even play because it continues to automatically go onto the App Store right in the middle of timed game play. When I click to go back it just continues to open the App Store which is so frustrating!! I don’t mind the ads in between games but when you can’t finish a 30 second round that’s ridiculous

Good game but.....

Its a very good game. I love playing it and guessing all of the categories. The game should have a bug fix because sometimes i am in the middle of a round and it teleports me to safari and the app store for apps and websites. Plz fix that otherwise great game.

Ads every second

They put ads every second just to make you pay $2.99. I can’t even start a round without an ad popping up. Don’t even bother downloading it

Too many ads

There are way WAY to many ads. I understand a few but every time I push a button there is another ad popping up.

Too many ads

Great game!! But soooo many ads it’s insane. More than half the game is ads. Ridiculous!


I like playing this game but there’s lots of bugs. Sometimes I can’t play my round because of all the pop up bugs. Please fix this issue.

Really fun, but keeps crashing- fixed

Update: they fixed it! Now the game works again and is really fun. Like everybody says there are way too many ads, but at least the game is free. I really like the game, but every time I finish a round it crashes. Not only does it crash, but when I reopen the app it loses all my answers and I automatically lose the round! I really enjoyed the game before this started happening, and will start playing again if it gets fixed.

Sorry game! Too many ads!

This game needs to be fixed. I can under ads but can’t even play.

Loved it at first

Was a great game until a glitch happened where every time I start to play it endlessly directs me to the App Store to purchase one of the other games it advertises. Causes me to lose bouts and literally would not stop even when I deleted the app and restarted it. Wouldn’t let me stay on the screen for more than 2 seconds without opening the App Store.

Is this the new Scattegories?!

I think I need to go to A FIGHT LIST ANONYMOUS CLASS. I am addicted. It is very entertaining, enjoyable, and educational. I love answering the items in a speedy fashion. The ADS are annoying but I will admit that I spent the money to remove them. The reveal answers option is not ad-free and I wish it was. I keep hitting a new game for a new opponent because my patience for my opponent(s) turn is unbearable. Great app if you have downtime and want to stay away from the social media world.

was fun at first then it kept glitching

i played and played and within the first couple days of downloading the app everytime i submitted my answers the app would glitch and send me back to the home screen. i’d click back on the app and after all the answers i typed, they all deleted and i had zero points and lost the matches. please fix this. i deleted it.

Last two updates

The game won’t work since the update on the 16th. I would be in the middle of a match and it’ll go to the App Store. I can’t get through a single round. By the time I get back to the game it says it’s over.

What is going on?

This game was great and I still like it but now while I’m playing the game with an opponent it just automatically goes to an ad... I thought maybe I clicked something but I know I didn’t! Then when you click off of the ad back to the game it does not give you points bc it automatically closes it out. Not fair to me or my opponents! Please fix this (iPhone 6 plus) so close to deleting this

Ads keep popping up midgame and categories are terrible

That is all

Good game

Good game but It crashes as soon as the time is up for my category. I reopen the application and none of my choice were saved and it’s like I just didn’t have anything to type. I thought it was an issue with the ads not loading, so I just paid to have the apps removed.. still continues to crash. Please correct

Too many popups/app freezing

It‘s a fun game to play, but as of today it keeps popping up the app store while I‘m in the middle of typing. Doing so opens a new window, and when I switch back quickly to fight list it happens again as soon as I resume typing. After the second time, when I return to the game again, it completely freezes. Then I have to close it out and go back in, at which point none of the answers I already had in were even saved, earning me a whopping zero for the round. It kind of defeats the purpose of playing at all. Please fix this!


I like the game but it keeps moving me to advertisements while my time is running out and I end up losing. Please fix.

It has potential however

The app keeps closing itself and not saving my answers in the middle of a game. It’s extremely frustrating. Or I’ll be typing and it will randomly go into a ad in the middle of the game and I lose all my answers. It would be a fun game if these glitches were resolved.

Continuously Crashes

I love the concept of this game, and I’ve tried to play it several times, but every time I finish a round and have entered in my answers the app crashes. When I go back into the app, it says there are syncing issues and my answers are not there (so it shows a score of zero and I lose - lucky for my opponents). The FAQ says to log out and log back in or delete and re-download the game. I tried both options and the crashing continues. Such a shame because it seems so fun. (Also I have an up-to-date iPhone 7, so I really don’t think there should be any issues on that end).


Keeps kicking me off at the end of each round and not giving me the points I earned. Would really love this game if it didn’t do this.

Was a big fan

I was a big fan until recently the game keeps kicking me off right at the end of the round and then gives me a score of zero. It is a nice game and I would rate it higher if it wasn’t for the problem I’m having.

Horrible! Played a few minutes, then uninstalled.

This game constantly crashes and I don’t get credit for my answers, causing me to lose. There are too many ads, and you get stuck with categories you know nothing about. I would give zero stars if I could.

Crashes all the time!!!

It’s so fun but it crashes every single time after my turn, so it shows my points as 0. So frustrating !!!!!


Deleted within 10 minutes. Way too many ads. Not enjoyable.

Fun but too many bug/ CRASHES

Need to fix the constant crashes

Game glitches even without ads

I got this game and for the first few rounds it was great. After that the ads started to kick in and my game wouldn’t even let me finish a single round without the app crashing and me losing all my points. Ever since I have not gotten a single point. I decided maybe it was all the ads crashing my game and BOUGHT THE PREMIUM VERSION because I liked the game and really wanted to play it. THE APP STILL CRASHES. I still crash after every round and have now wasted my money. If I could give this negative stars I would.

Great but awful

I love this game But every time I get to 1 second left on the clock it glitches and goes to my home screen so there is no point of playing this game because I don’t get any credit for the stuff I put in and I lose every time


I played about 5 rounds with no problem, but after that every single time I play a round the app crashes and doesn’t save any of my answers. Not worth the time to try and get it to work.

I love it!

Super fun and simple to play! Awesome!

Awesome game

I really love this game, except for the fact that there is too much ads in my opinion . On the other hand, this over all is a great strategy game

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